Obinna Onungwa

Obinna (pronounced /O-bin-nah/) runs Powered by Cue – a digital agency committed to supporting minority-owned companies build beautifully bold brands. We believe everyone needs a curated digital presence to express themselves in the modern world. We started our services exclusively with beauty professionals in NYC. Barbers and Hairstylists are very wise and well-connected community builders who led us to all sorts of interesting people who we now service.

Powered by Cue is a creative tribe of troublemakers making the world brighter one growth strategy, one logo mark, one website, one photo and one video at a time.

Obinna formerly supported partnerships for Jopwell, a diversity recruiting tech company transforming the way major corporations source talent from underrepresented communities. Obinna along with some of the most talented barbers in America launched the early version of the Cue App. Founded on the premise that getting a haircut should be easy, Obinna and a committed team of creatives transformed barbershops, hair salons and beauty operations around the globe. Cue is the mobile application designed to simplify the way we discover and coordinate with qualified and talented hair professionals. Obinna was a Business Development Associate for early stage tech start-up, The Daily Muse where he established the Washington D.C. market amongst various employers seeking to hire millenial talent. Prior to this, he worked with technology start-ups in Accra, Ghana as an Incubator Fellow with the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology. Prior to this role, he was a Senior Marketing Associate for LivingSocial, an online coupon company. At Goldman Sachs, he was a Summer Analyst with the Sales & Trading division. Obinna holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from University of Maryland College Park. At Howard University, he earned his Masters in Finance with a focus on Entrepreneur Empowerment throughout the African diaspora. He enjoys cuban salsa, African literature and story-telling museums. He is joyfully married and lives in New York City.